Farewell, George

Date: 2018-01-16

Today we have to say goodbye to George – who was with us for many years. Right now, the words are not enough and the pain is unbearable. George was one of the best cycling instructors. He was the kind of instructor that made you want to be healthier, to take care of yourself and to be stronger every day.


In 2015, George was diagnosed with a testicular cancer. He was a fighter. Especially for his life. He often used to say he couldn’t stop fighting until the end with all he got, just like his clients, who were pedaling until the end of the hour, even when they thought they could not finish the workout. It was a pleasure to be close to him, because he had a contagious zest for life.


Starting today, George will remain in our heart as a pillar of inspiration and motivation. He made his mark in all the discussions he had with his colleagues, in all the trainings he held, in all the friendships he had built over time. Many of those who have known him have remained with valuable tips, becoming stronger and being more motivated to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


We express our regret to his family, we hope they will be able to overcome as easy as possible this crossroad in life.


Those who wish to say goodbye can make it tomorrow (12.00-19.00) and Thursday (from church open until 12.00) at Serban Voda Church, in Giurgiului Road, the Intersection with Toporaş.


Farewell, George!

World Class Romanian Team