Discover the latest personal training packages!

The latest personal training packages were created by our World Class experts to offer you more benefits, great flexibility and faster results! Furthermore, you have a special price as a World Class member!

Date: 2017-10-09


You’ve just started your fitness journey and don’t know where to head to next? We have created three new one-on-one training packages – Fit, Perform, and Transform – designed specifically to optimize your time at the gym, regardless of your physical condition. With any of these three Express Packages you will experience fast results and move to the next fitness level by working out in the gym side by side with our experts. Furthermore, your body and mind will benefit from a significant transformation that you will enjoy in the long run.


Have you just decided to be more active, more often and integrate exercising into your daily life, or do you want to get back to the gym after a long break, but do not have time for more than two trainings a week?

We’ve got the perfect solution for you! The FIT package is perfectly adjusted to those with little time available for working out, but with great desire for body transformations.

This is a training package meant to get you acquainted with the gym, types of training adequated for you and proper execution in working out.


  • You get 8 training sessions with a personal trainer, valid for 30 days;
  • You learn to use the cardio&strength machines and fitness equipment properly, while getting support, motivation and nutrition advice;
  • You can cumulate your PT training sessions (for instance, if you have had a clip-card, but you haven’t managed to exhaust all one-on-one training sessions within one month, you can extend the PT contract);
  • You get more energy and a better tonus;
  • You train according to your availability (recommended: 2 times a week);
  • You see first results at the gym, such as improvement of your physical condition.


  • World Class Bucharest clubs: 200 EUR
  • W club: 260 EUR
  • World Class Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi, Constanţa clubs: 145 EUR
  • World Class Ploieşti club: 80 EUR


Have you already started working out with a personal trainer and you feel that your body has finally discovered the way to enjoy exercising? If you feel determined to intensify your trainings, level up your fitness and target better results within a month, then this package is for you!

The PERFORM Package is also designed for those who have the time and determination to train three times a week.


  • You get 12 training sessions with a personal trainer, valid for 30 days;
  • You train at a higher level, while improving your endurance capacity;
  • You practice new exercise schemes designed for those with good physical condition;
  • You are permanently monitored;
  • You get to work out three times a week with a personal trainer;
  • Your resistance and effort capacity are considerably improved.


  • World Class Bucharest clubs: 250 EUR
  • W club: 325 EUR
  • World Class Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi, Constanţa clubs: 185 EUR
  • World Class Ploieşti club: 100 EUR


Have you been training for some time now and are already very clear on your goals regarding your body transformation? Have you reached the point where you train for your wellbeing, not out of necessity? Then this package meets your need to exercise!

The TRANSFORM Package is designed for those determined to train hard, at least four times a week, but also for those searching for fast and revolutionary body transformations.


  • 25 sessions for one-on-one training valid for 45 days;
  • You train harder and for a longer period of time, with more and faster results;
  • We will gear you up with a Transform by World Class t-shirt for working out –reading an inspirational message;
  • Smart Watch Evolio X 4 – which, in addition to heart rate monitoring during physical activity, based on Bluetooth Smart Technology, has also other features you can enjoy in your spare time;
  • You get support and motivation to reach your goal;
  • You enjoy more self-confidence, a sense of greater self-esteem and a general state of well-being;
  • You completely reshape your body.

*This package is also available for World Class members.



  • World Class Bucharest clubs: 475 EUR
  • W club: 585 EUR
  • World Class Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi, Constanţa clubs: 365 EUR
  • World Class Ploieşti club: 190 EUR

Choose the right package for your training level, as well as for your daily schedule and achieve the body transformation and well-being level you have been dreaming about!