On 27th and 28th of October you are invited at Open House @ World Class Timișoara

Date: 2017-10-20

Would you like to get more active, more often and adopt a healthier lifestyle, but you don’t know yet where to start from?

We help you make the first move towards your goal on 27th and 28th of October, by offering you free access for 2 days at the most exciting open house event of the season: Fitness Groovin ‘Party @ World Class Timișoara.

Gather your friends and family and get ready for two days of fun, exciting training, extra energy and lots of prizes!

You will have the opportunity to take part in aerobics and cycling classes, test the latest Body Pump choreography, the ultimate C-Core edition and train alongside some of the most popular World Class instructors, specially invited on this occasion: Peter Ambjorn, Horațiu Dumitrescu, Ramona Hnyatek and Gabriel Vasilescu Hnyatek.

Also, the personal trainers from World Class Timișoara have prepared for you the most efficient functional trainings, as well as the perfect nutrition tips for a healthy life.

Check out the program below, choose your favorite class or classes and join us to discover how simple and fun is to incorporate exercise into your life!


Friday, 27th of October

The aerobic studio:

18:00   Body Pump 103 – The fast lane with Peter Ambjorn & Horațiu Dumitrescu    

18:45   C-Core 7 – New edition with Ciprian Ștefănescu & Petre Nedelcu

19:30   Power Yoga with Peter Ambjorn                                   


The cycling studio:

19:00   HEE Energy with Horațiu Dumitrescu                                         


The functional training area:

19:00   Circuit Training (la Synrgy Station) with Mihnea Jurac and Bogdan Drăgoescu

Saturday, 28th of October

The aerobic studio:

09:00   Yoga with Ramona Hnyatek                                   

10:00   Interval with Ciprian Ștefănescu

11:00   Body Pump with Diana Sescu & Viorel Peagu

12:00   Bag Box with Gabriel Vasilescu


The cycling studio:

11:00   Team HILL with Marius Săndoi & Alexandra Pop


The functional training area:

10:00   Workout Training Zone (la Queenax) with Marius Săndoi, Alex Dezmeri, Elena

Condac and Mihnea Jurac


You can book your class online, with maximum 72 hours before the class starts, or at the club

reception if you are not a World Class member. The functional training sessions have to be

booked at the reception desk starting Wednesday, 25th of October.

You can also bring a guest for free, in which case you have to contact the reception and provide

his/her name, e-mail and phone number.