Internal Regulation Policy

  1. Members must always follow the Internal Regulations of World Class as well as any other rules, policies or procedures, as such shall be posted on the website and/or in the Member Account area, and/or in the health/sport centres, including in different areas of World Class health centres (reception desk, gyms, group gyms, pool, sauna and changing rooms, etc). All these rules, policies and procedures make an integrant part of this World Class Internal Regulations.
  2. The timetable of the World Class health centres is available at the reception desk of each health centre and on the world class site: and on the Member Account area. World Class reserves its rights to alter the timetable of the health centres as well as the timetables of the gym classes held at the health centres at its convenience, timetable changes will be announced to members in due time, by displaying at the reception desks and /or on the World Class website and/or in the Member Account area. Members must follow the timetable of the World Class health centres and book their class, if the case, according to the Group Fitness Classes Bookings and Penalties Rules.
  3. The Member must always bring his/her membership card, for check-in, access in the World Class health centre, and for accessing lockers. Members without a profile photo are not allowed in the World Class premises. If the person who demands access into the World Class Health Centre, cannot present the Membership card at the reception desk for any reasons – be that refusal or impossibility, World Class shall deny access to the person in the respective Health Centre. In case of Member requiring access to World Class without being in the possession of their card, due to card loss or damage, or otherwise, the member will have to pay a fee of 15 RON for the Membership card to be replaced and only after this access to club shall be granted. Giving the Membership card away to any other person for use in any of the World Class centres where the Member has access, will result in the annulment of the contract as mentioned in section III of the Membership.
  4. The access and participation of Members at group fitness classes organized by World Class under the supervision of trainers will only be done within the limit of available places and only if the Member performs the check-in at the reception according to the Group Fitness Classes Bookings and Penalties Rules by presenting his/her membership card, if the member has an identifying photo in his member profile and based on the ticket issued at the reception for the booked class. Members are not allowed to bring their own Personal Trainers. The members can exclusively train with World Class approved collaborators and personnel. Members or guests not participating in a fitness class must wait in the reception/lobby.
  5. The evaluation meeting with a personal trainer as well as guests passes can be used in any World Class health centre from Basic to Platinum type of access to services and according to the policies and regulations in this respect, available on World Class website or in the Member Account area.
  6. Members and/or guests are forbidden to use in World Class centres of inadequate or offensive language as well as any type of physical and/or verbal aggression towards other Members, guests of the Members as well as towards any World Class staff. Members who are not satisfied with the World Class services can inform the reception desk staff about any inconvenience, or fill in a “Feed-back” form, which can be found at the reception desk of World Class health centres or to make a complaint according to art. 27 below.
  7. Members and /or guests are forbidden to use the gyms located in World Class health centres for commercial purposes. Clearance: By „commercial purposes” we understand the fact that Members and/or guests cannot provide to other Members or third parties, surcharge, personal training or any other services, in commercial purposes and cannot ask for or receive from other Members and / or guests personal training services of any kind. World Class trainers are the only ones who are authorized to provide personal training services, available for additional fees. Advertising, handing out leaflets or other personal messages as well as trade of any kind is forbidden within World Class health centres, except for sales based on World Class partnerships.
  8. Smoking and the use of tobacco are not allowed inside World Class health centres. Access in World Class health centres under the influence of alcohol, drugs, stimulants, depressants or illegal substances or similar ones or consumption thereof or trading such substances is strictly forbidden. Members should be aware that using World Class health centres and facilities thereof, such as for example, sauna (wet & dry) under the influence of such substances may that affect Member’s capacity to train, perform sport activities or to use any of the training equipment at the World Class health centres and cause severe harm to their health.
  9. The following are regarded as violations of the Internal Regulations, Terms and Conditions and of the internal policies, rules and procedures the following actions or inactions: breach of the rules on the use of guest passes, disregard of the Children Regulations, misusage of the booking system and/or Group Fitness Classes Bookings and Penalties Rules, disregard of the rules or fraudulent use of the Membership Freezing Rules, disregard of timetables, the use of inadequate, offensive language, smoking inside the health centres, training with an unauthorized person – who is not a World Class Personal Trainer, vending and /or displaying inside the World Class health centres leaflets / brochures and any other personal messages, pool jumps, inappropriate behaviour, physical an/or verbal violence toward another member, guest or World Class staff, disobeying hygiene and cleaning standards, taking photos and/or recording videos within World Class health centres without World Class previous written approval, improper use of training equipment, reveal of intimate body parts in the gyms and / or pool areas, allowance of minor children, under 16, inside the gyms without World Class previous written approval, as well as any other actions and/or omissions / breaches which are qualified by the World Class Management as violations of the Agreement /of other rules and regulations such as the children/guest passes/use of benefits/freezing/booking rules and regulations.
  10. If the Member is found guilty of violating any of the above at art. 9, World Class has the right to: I) suspend the Subscription of the Member for a period of time between 1 and 3 months, according to the gravity of the deeds; II) to terminate the Agreement/Subscription without delay (the Subscription/Agreement will be considered terminated de facto – termination pact, according to art. 1553 Civil Code), in which case the price of the Subscription or part of it will be retained by World Class as default damage.
  11. The following actions are considered also violations of the Terms and Conditions and of policies, rules and regulations of World Class: unauthorised sale of Agreements/Subscriptions and cards by other parties other than those authorized by World Class, entering into World Class, sale/distribution and consumption of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, stimulants, depressants or other illegal substances, holding and/or use of fire arms, gas or electrical guns as well as any kind of arms, the use of any kind of violence, performing any kind of unauthorized actions or asking for payment in exchange of services done by unauthorized people; inappropriate behaviour.
  12. If a Member commits any of the above actions mentioned in art. 11 above, they will be immediately removed from the premises of the health centre, and their access into the World Class health centres will not be permitted. Also, World Class reserves its right to terminate the Subscription/Agreement without notification in advance to the Member. (The Agreement / Subscription will be considered terminated de facto, according to art. 1553 Civil Code), in which case, the price of the Subscription or part of it will be withheld by World Class as default damage.
  13. Members do not have access in the World Class health centres areas which are exclusively for staff members thereof.
  14. While the Member is on the World Class premises, the Membership Card will be kept at the reception desk. Depending on the health club centre, when presenting the Membership Card, the Member will be given a key for a locker in the changing room and 2 towels (free or for a small fee depending on the respective health centre policy), which will remain with the Member throughout the stay and will be returned to the reception by the Member upon his departure from the World Class health centre. If the Members do not return the locker key, they will have to pay an amount of 15 RON as replacement fee. If the Members do not return the towels, they will have to pay 80 RON for the big towel and 45 RON for the small towel, as replacement fee.
  15. The changing room and the locker key can be used by the Member only when entering one time the health centre premises. Members are not allowed to store overnight personal goods in the lockers of the health centre. Members can keep their belongings in the lockers and will safe keep the key. Members are responsible for their personal belongings, which remain under their guard and custody throughout their stay in World Class health centres. All lockers shall be emptied after usage. World Class undertakes the right to empty all lockers at end of each working day, depending on each World Class club schedule, when lockers will open automatically. The personal belongings or others in the lockers, will be stored in a sealed plastic bag in designated storage room. There is no clause of the present Internal Regulations and no action or statement, of any allegedly World Class, which can be interpreted as an obligation for World Class to ensure the safekeeping of the Member’s personal belongings or as keeping in custody or in deposit of such goods, therefore, World Class will not be held responsible for the loss, damage (total or partial) or theft, of the personal belongings of the Members, while they are on the World Class premises.
  16. It is strictly forbidden for Members / guests / their children to display intimate parts of the body in the gyms or in the pool area of the health centres.
  17. Members must wear appropriate sports equipment throughout the training sessions (track suit, t-shirt, shorts and adequate indoor sports shoes). In the pool areas, members must wear adequate swimming costumes, which for women, must also cover the top part (bust) of the body. It is forbidden to Members to enter the gyms or the pool areas wearing street shoes.
  18. Members who practise weightlifting are advised to ask for support from a World Class trainer or from another Member / training partner. At the end of each training session, Members must return all the weights to their designated places in the gym, as well as any other equipment they have used during the training session. In order to maintain a high standard of hygiene, all Members must use throughout the training sessions towels, and they must throw any litter into the specially designed bins which can be found within the health centres.
  19. It is strictly forbidden for Members / guests to bring food in casseroles/any container, in the health centre or to bring glasses or to prepare their own food, in the health club. It is strictly forbidden for Members/ guests to enter into the pool area and in the water with food or drinks, excepting those purchased from the health club.
  20. It is strictly forbidden to Members / guests to take photos or video record on the World Class premises, without the written approval from the World Class Management of the respective Health Centre.
  21. Out of security reasons, it is strictly forbidden for members to possess / carry fire weapons (including fire arms, gas weapons, paralysing spray or electroshock guns) on the World Class premises.
  22. Members who use the pools, including their children, at the World Class health centres, declare, acknowledge and assume responsibility that they/their children possess the necessary abilities to swim and have previously requested medical approval, to use these safely, disclaiming World Class from any responsibility, harm or death caused by the lack of swimming abilities, inappropriate use or insufficient knowledge of swimming techniques, lack of stamina or training, or by inappropriate health state which would prevent the Member from using the pool safely. Out of security reasons, also, pool jumps in the World Class pools not allowed.
  23. Members shall observe that their children have access in World Class health clubs in accordance with the Children Regulations.
  24. World Class will not be held responsible for any accidents or any harm by any nature by the under-age children of the Members suffered on the World Class premises.
  25. Members shall use in good faith all the benefits granted by World Class in addition to their Membership, including guest passes, according to the rules on the use of benefits and their purpose, as such shall be communicated from time to time to Members, by being posted on the website and / or displayed in different areas of the Health Centres (reception desk, gyms, group gyms, pool, sauna and changing rooms, etc), and/or in the Member account area. Breach of the rules of using benefits may result in the cancelation of such benefits based on a notification issued by World Class in this respect and application of art. 10 above.
  26. Members have taken notice and accepted the fact that during the Agreement / Subscription period, World Class reserves its right to modify the timetables of the classes organized in the health centres, as well as cancel these classes with the further notice to the Members, in reasonable due time. Also, World Class will communicate to the Member, any known or possible situations, that can limit the access or restrict the Member from attending the services provided by World Class, according to the Agreement, including but without being limited to sports or promotional events organized by World Class or its partners.
  27. Any suggestion, complaint, intimation or request from the Members (“Request”) will be written and handed to the reception desk staff, of any of the World Class health centres, in no more than 15 calendar days from the occurrence of the incident. The Request will have to mandatorily comprise the following elements: first and last name of the addresser /for physical individuals /name of the legal company, for legal persons; the position (only if the person who signs the complaint / request is the legally empowered to represent or is the representative of a legal person); identification information: domicile, Personal Identification Number (CNP), ID – series and number in case of individuals / headquarters, sole identification number, registration number from the Trade Registry, for the legal company; full description of the event, as well as the data when it took place and, if possible, the exact time, when it occurred; full and correct address to which World Class will send the answer; date when written; the signature of the addresser of the Request (and stamp if legal person). All the addressed Requests will be dealt with within 15 working days from the data of registering it in World Class registry. World Class reserves its right to refuse to answer any Request if any of the above elements are missing. World Class does not guarantee a favourable answer to Requests.