Mind-Body-Spirit balance

Discover classes based on the concept of mindfulness, which integrate gentle, fluid and low-intensity but effective movements, with breathing techniques and different forms of concentration and attention. The mind-body connection helps you use your thoughts to positively influence your physical responses, decreasing stress. The result: improved focus, more strength and flexibility but, above all, mental clarity and a stress-free life.

Check out the programs included in the Mind Category below, and choose the class that suits you best.



Relaxation, muscle massage and toning – all checked in one workout. . Aquatic exercises are the best option if your goal is a full-body tone or faster recovery from injury.

Intensity level: beginner.

Workout type: low impact, strength and flexibility.


Did you say aqua cycling? Does paddling underwater sound fun enough to you? Because this is what you’ll do at aqua cycling. It has become a fitness phenomenon because of the many incredible benefits: high calorie burn, lean muscle-building, increased circulation, cellulite reduction – all combined in a beautiful watery workout scene you’ll die for!

Intensity level: from beginner to advanced.

Workout type: low impact, strength and cardio.



Mindfulness practice or the total union between mind, body and spirit. This method requires no effort to control thoughts, but instead a state of restful alertness that allows a high degree of awareness of the body, breathing and emotions. As you practice in slow motion you’ll learn to still your mind, become aware of certain muscles and greatly expand your level of awareness.

Intensity level: from beginner to advanced.

Workout type: strength, flexibility, balance.


A holistic fitness program based on strength and self-awareness exercises. Drawing on Asian inspiration, it includes therapeutic, balance and strength exercises, combined with special breathing techniques, stretching and relaxation. Stability, coordination, wellbeing, improved posture, prevention and counteraction of back pain as well as stress reduction are among the positive effects of this unique training method.

Intensity level: from beginner to advanced.

Workout type: strength and flexibility.


The act of sharing Asana or, better said, overcoming physical limits through concentration and controlled breathing. If you’re already familiar with basic yoga, then it’s time to move on to the next level of self-development: a Daanasana Yoga class, a concept created by Julio Papi and Anya Glushkova. Daanasana is an alignment-oriented style of yoga, intense, effective and physical, using the practice of Hatha Yoga as a gateway to a powerful self-development process.

Intensity level: medium to advanced.

Workout type: flexibility, coordination, balance.


Pre-meditation state of mind. You’ll combine eight different static poses or sequences of asanas designed to restore the two polar energies, yin and yang, as well as to align your skin, muscles and bones. The poses are also intended to open the body’s many channels, especially the main channel – the spine – so that energy can flow freely.

Intensity level: medium to advanced.

Workout type: flexibility, coordination, balance.


Improve the state of your spine. You’ll improve your posture. Your spine will become stronger and more functional, which means it will be stable with greater capacity for movement. We target posture with easy patterns that anyone can achieve from the first session. After all, everybody needs a strong functional spine, from 20-year-old gym bunnies to sprightly seniors.

Intensity level: beginner and medium.

Workout type: flexibility, postural, balance.


Deep body connection. This is what you’ll get as soon as you break free from your ordinary workout routine and try Pilates, as well as the chance to reconnect with your body. The combination of slow-paced movement, muscle isolation and the right resistance allows you to feel your way through the exercises. And feeling stronger is pretty amazing!

Intensity level: beginner, medium, advanced.

Workout type: balance, toning, coordination.


Get control of your body! The props class is a fun way to add some variety to the Pilates mat routine. Props like the foam roller and flex ring toner are used to improve your spinal alignment and ease tension, as well as to challenge your balance, concentration and coordination. Sweat, smile, stretch, burn, tone – you’ll do it all in this full-body Pilates workout experience!

Intensity level: medium to advanced.

Workout type: static, balance, flexibility, coordination.


Defy gravity with grace and delicacy. While port de bras is one of the most captivating and iconically elegant aspects of ballet, this class is more about the ‘carriage of the arms’ in a balanced, graceful and expressive way. Through fluid, delicate movements, your arms will oscillate, elongate the line of your body and ‘breathe’ with you while the relaxing background music makes you feel like a ballerina.

Intensity level: beginner, medium.

Workout type: flexibility, coordination, balance.


How flexible are you? If you’ve ever though that only professional athletes need to perform warm-up and cool down exercises before and after a workout, it’s time to think again: warming up is the key to reducing injury and soreness for everyone. Furthermore, working on your muscle mobility will help facilitate their rejuvenation.

Intensity level: beginner.

Workout type: flexibility, mobility, balance.


Body detox through breath-synchronized movement. Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of moving from one pose to another, creating sequences or vinyasa flows. This style of yoga keeps you moving from asana to asana, linking each pose to an inhalation and an exhalation, toning and detoxing your body. If you hate routine and love to test your physical limits, vinyasa may be just the ticket.

Intensity level: medium to advanced.

Workout type: flexibility, coordination, balance.


Are you a Yogi? If you already know that yoga is so much more than bending and flexing your body and you want to achieve that great physical, mental and emotional balance we all long for, then try practicing yoga asanas as often as possible. Your body will be purified and your overall health improved.

Intensity level: beginner to advanced.

Workout type: flexibility, coordination, balance.


Into Yoga and Pilates?Now you can combine the benefits of both in one class. While yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and spirituality, Pilates will help you build strength in the deep muscles of the abdominal region, the body’s core. Both emphasize correct breathing and meditative mindfulness. Thanks to the synergy between the two, you will feel your entire body exercised in an integrated way.

Intensity level: medium.

Workout type: flexibility, coordination, strength.