Group Fitness Classes Bookings Rules

  1. Class booking window
    A class can be booked starting 26 hours before class time.
  2. Booking a class
    A class can be booked online either from the member’s account or at the self-check in point in the club. Booking a class by phone is not allowed.
  3. Booking classes in the same club
    Up to maximum two classes can be booked in the same day. You can choose whether to attend maximum two classes in a row or two classes in different time frames of the day, , at your choice.
  4. Booking classes in different clubs
    You can book multiple classes in different clubs only if there is minimum one hour span between the completion of the first attended class and the beginning of the second one. For example, if you previously booked a class at World Class Downtown at 17:00, you can book another class at World Class America House no earlier than 19:00.
  5. Class cancellation
    A class can be cancelled either online or at the club reception where the class is held, at least two hours before the class starts. Class cancellation by phone class is not allowed. For example, if you booked a class starting at 20:00, you can cancel your booking at the club’s reception no later than 18:00.
  6. Not attending a class without prior cancellation
    For the booked classes you have not attended without having your booking cancelled in due time, you will receive sanctions according to the booking rules. The number of sanctions varies depending on your membership type. More details on sanctions applicability can be checked out in your member account, My Profile section.
  7. Attracting Sanctions
    Upon reaching the sanctions limit number, your account will be blocked for online bookings for two weeks. In this case, the only available booking method will be at the club’s reception, within the limits of the available places. Nevertheless, please note that cancelling your bookings within the allowed time frame will help you avoid sanctions.