Discover the new C-Core 8!

Date: 2018-03-07

New structure and elements, a surprise circuit challenge and the most efficient workout for a perfect ”six-pack” – you can discover them all starting 12th of March, when the new C-Core 8 will be released.

The 8th edition comes up with a new training structure, new challenge and more time for workout

– there will be 4 rounds of 8 minutes for each set of exercises, each of them with a difficulty that will increase gradually.

You will start with a post warm-up round, then you will get through two rounds of strength and cardio workouts that are meant to get you ready for the greatest challenge of the class – the surprise circuit. Yes, you’ve seen it right: you will end up the core training with a dynamic circuit workout that focuses on developing your control, endurance and coordination.

Starting 12th of March, prepare to discover the new elements of C-Core 8, combined in the most efficient way for a strong core, great body functionality and a slim waist.