Are you ready to test the new Les Mills choreographies?

Date: 2017-09-28

Starting Monday, 2nd of October, get ready to train better than ever, with the new Les Mills choreographies: BODYPUMP103, BODY COMBAT 73, CXWORX 28, GRIT Plyo22 and GRIT Strength22.

Your favorite training programs are back with upgrades! Fresh exciting choreographies and the most vibrant tracks will surprise and motivate you to train insanely!

This time, Les Mills offers an efficient mix of reps, transitions and kicks, with the coolest beats of the season playing in the background, which will motivate you to overcome your limits while performing a full-body workout.

Join us to discover how easy and fun is to keep yourself in shape and enjoy an amazing way to sculpt your entire body, with the most popular trainings in the world!


You can book your class online, 26 hours before the class starts, or at the clubs reception if you are not a World Class member.