Gabriel Vasilescu Hnyatek

Gabriel Vasilescu Hnyatek


Country Manager

Work Experience

World Class International:

  • COO World Class International - Coordinating and Managing 7 countries of World Class clubs with 1500 employees, 2010-Present
  • Start up manager World Class Middle East - Opening and Managing 3 new World Class centers in Le Royal Beirut, Le Royal Amman, Le Royal Tangier, 2005-2007

World Class Romania & World Class Hungary:

  • Country Manager World Class Romania & World Class Hungary - coordinating and managing 7 clubs for World Class Romania and 3 clubs for World Class Hungary, 2008-2010
  • Product Manager World Class Romania - Coordinating and Managing Group Fitness and Personal Training program, 2007-2008
  • Club Manager World Class Health Academy Downtown - Supervising and coordinating the opening of World Class Health Academy Downtown, 2004-2007

Training and Education

ANEFS Bucharest Romania - Bachelors Degree, specialization sports and physical education, 1996-1999

A.F.F.A. certificates:

  • Indoor cycling
  • Injury prevention
  • Kickboxing
  • Metabolic connection of obesity
  • Primary Group exercise
  • Resistance training
  • Step
  • Personal Trainer/fitness counselor




Personal Training Coordinator

The newest member of the management team at World Class, Cristian is responsible for the personal trainers. 

Former professional handball player, Cristian started his career as a pro at Dinamo Bucharest and after finishing his studies at the National Academy of Physical education and Sport he was transferred in Germany.

There, he was active in various clubs for 9 years as a professional player and as a qualified trainer. 

Having a passion for fitness, he was welcomed in the personal trainers team of the fitness center and was active for 4 years in the domain, gathering German experience and learning discipline. This helped him on his return home in 2009, at which moment his career began a fast ascend. 

Andreea Pautov

Andreea Pautov


Marketing Manager

Andreea Pautov (ex Ionita) has been a part of the World Class Romania team for almost 3 years, occupying the position of Marketing Manager.

Andreea has over 8 years of experience in communications strategy, strengthening her experience: Group Intact - PR Manager Săptămâna Financiară and The Group (the largest communication group in Romania) - Senior Account Manager, where she designed and implemented PR and marketing plans for national and international companies such as The Walt Disney Company - Disney Channel, Cosmote, HP, DHL, BCR.

She finished college and a Master in ASE (bank and finance) - here she learned her management skills, but the passion and inclination towards marketing and PR came from practice, even during college.

Concept and promote special events of the World Class brand, partnerships with third parties, communication with the media, promote the trainers and their results and especially the promotion of sport as an ambassador for healthy living - are among the responsibilities of the position of marketing manager.

For Andreea the job in World Class Romania is perfectly suitable as a glove: dynamic, energetic, "healthy" and .... in the trend. The passion for sports is what gives the beauty of the job, with fun, balance and team spirit, born of a desire for improved quality of life. Advice and personal communication key is  "to move is a responsibility, an act of respect for the mind and body."

Per Markussen

Per Markussen


International Group Fitness Coordinator

Per is the new Group Fitness Coordinator, responsible with the trends and new concepts for group training classes.

With his creative intuition and innovative choreography, Per has establish himself as one of the leading performers in the international fitness industry. His unique combination of communication, play and challenge will show a complete new set of enthusiasm and joy.

Per’s Background in street dance, jazz, house and martial arts bring an intense feeling and groove to his master classes! His education, experience and teaching skills have made him a unique and popular instructor all over the Europe.

Peter Ambjörn

Peter Ambjörn


Group Fitness Manager

Peter Ambjörn works for World Class since 1994 and is one of the key persons in the company. Today Peter is Club Manager for Downtown Bucharest and also Product Manager in Romania as well as International Educator all over Europe. Apart from his overall responsibilities, he is giving classes on a regular basis all over Romania, presents on conventions in Europe and has made several fitness movies for the Polish and Swedish market.

Peter is one of the company’s most skilled teachers and co-worker and highly appreciated both by clients as well as by employees. Peter has been involved in all parts of the organization; from instructor and receptionist to manager and general manager. His responsibilities have included opening of new centres and educating staff all over the world, as well as target new clients in countries such as Sweden, Romania, Belgium, France, Egypt, Morocco and Poland. These invaluable experiences have enabled him to get to know many different cultures, which is a huge asset when the entire world is your work arena.